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Pipes steel profile square are used in the construction and repair of various buildings. In addition, of them are made gates, fences, frames, floors; They act as elements of load-bearing structures and decorative details in the interior.
Often, shaped square pipes are used as a metal bar, since it is much cheaper (the profile pipe inside is hollow, much less raw material is needed for its production).
In addition, it is much easier to bend and for this, a pipe bender is used.
Since these pipes are manufactured in standard sizes and have a relatively small weight, they are easier and cheaper to transport.
Steel square steel pipes are produced from special compound steel (usually carbon steel), which has all the necessary characteristics for the characteristics of functionality and strength, and also to guarantee a long service life.
There are 2 main methods of manufacturing such pipes.
Production begins with a blank (strips). From it pipes of the necessary section with a round cut are made. Further, the parts are formed in the roll compartment to obtain the final shape. At the end of the pipe, the steel profile square is tested for strength, the resistance to damage is checked and compliance with GOST is monitored. At the end of production, the pipes are heat treated to remove potential mechanical stress.
Welding of the strip profile is simpler and cheaper and the manufacturing method. The pipes produced in this way have a slightly lower strength of 95-97%.

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