Electrically welded steel pipe

At any modern enterprise, a large number of different materials are used, which differ in both characteristics and purpose. In particular, such materials can include steel electric welded pipes of round or square cross-section.

The quality, thanks to which the steel electric welded pipe is highly valued - the versatility of its use. This mainly applies to products with a circular cross-section, which are actively used in industrial enterprises and in construction organizations, as well as in the installation of pipelines, in the manufacture of furniture and in the formation of various interiors of any modern premises. In addition, the steel electric welded pipe is actively used as an expendable material in the production of various products.

The depth of distribution of pipes of this type makes it possible to judge that they are found everywhere: fences of territories and buildings, stair rails, visors and public transport stops, benches on the streets, etc.

The high quality of the steel-welded steel welded pipe illustrates their successful use in the installation of pipelines for the transport of chemically aggressive liquids heated to high temperatures.

Based on the characteristics of the seam, the steel welded steel pipe can be of 2 types:

With a weld seam made parallel to the axis (straight-seated electric welded steel pipes);
With a welded joint, performed on a helical line (spiral pipes).

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