Electrowelded tube

The steel electrowelded pipe derives its name from the production method - the method of electric welding (this is usually indicated by the seam on the side of this type of pipe). There are 2 main types of steel electric welded pipes:

Straight legs differ in length and diameter.

Steel electric welded pipes are made of metal billet, (bar) - steel strip, with the width of the standard sheet, the thickness of which depends on the type of metal. During the production stages, the strip is formed and then subjected to electric welding. For a single-seam pipe, the seam is made parallel to the axis of the pipe, and for spiral pipes - along a spiral around the axis of the pipe.

In certain cases, the finished steel pipe undergoes additional treatment, for example, thermal treatment (to increase corrosion resistance) or covered with non-metallic materials (cement, bitumen, paint).

In the process of producing pipes on its surface there should be no cracks, no sunsets or scratches, and when heat treatment is not possible. Scale.

If during the mandatory quality control of a steel electric welded pipe along the seam any uncleaned goods are found, they are additionally brewed, cleaned and re-conducted hydraulic tests.


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