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Today, in the modern market, profile pipes are widely represented in various fields, which are actively used in construction, furniture production, engineering, etc. To introduce such a variety and to classify these products according to clear criteria, the concept of "assortment" was introduced.

With respect to profile pipes, the assortment is a set of types of tubular products that are produced by manufacturing enterprises or available in a warehouse from a supplier.

The pipe assortment is presented, as a rule, in the form of a table or list, where certain types of products are listed in accordance with the names in accordance with GOST 13663 86. This table or list should contain available types of pipes, and names and characteristics for each type.

The profile of the profile pipe is distinguished by a great variety. They are classified by different parameters, but the main one is the profile of the cross-section (for example, the range of the profile pipe is square).

The pipe assortment, presented by the manufacturer, allows you to get acquainted with the range of products, as well as an indicator of the level of development.

The most common products from the whole range of modern profile pipes are the assortment of the profile pipe, square and rectangular.

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