Stainless O-rings

Stainless round tubes are the most versatile. They are used both as a structural material, and in the construction of pipeline systems in cases where chemical resistance is required in combination with high strength.

When laying pipelines, the most effective cross section is circular. Round stainless pipes create the least hydrodynamic resistance for pumped media, they are best against high pressure, (internal or external).

In addition, stainless pipes of circular cross-section are the most technologically advanced in the production process. These pipes have high bending stiffness with a relatively small mass. It turns out that any pipe is, in its own way, a beam of effective cross section. High strength of round tubes made of stainless steel determined their active use as a material for creating various, incl. Highly loaded structures. First of all, stainless pipes of circular cross-section are used when resistance to aggressive environment and appearance of products is important.

In addition, such pipes are used

In the manufacture of various designs and equipment for the food, pharmacological and chemical industries;
In the manufacture of structures and parts of machines that come into contact with seawater and other corrosive media;
If corrosion resistance and surface cleanliness are important;
In advertising and design - steady metal shine and easy care are important for the creation of interior compositions and structures (railings, turnstiles, fences, trade and exhibition equipment).

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