Rectangular tube

The hollow tube has a square or rectangular cross section. The manufacture takes 25% less metal than analogues, hence, the price decreases. The main production material is structural steel, to which alloyed chromium or stainless steel is added.

The rectangular tube is covered with a zinc protective layer - this does not allow the product to rust, which significantly increases the operating life.

Main advantages:

Convenience at preservation and transportation.
The hollow tube is ideally adjacent to the flat surface. Thanks to this quality, a lot of space is saved.
This form of the product speeds up and facilitates the welding process.
Particular reliability for bending will give the product four ribs.
Rectangular pipe is manufactured by forging of round products or by forming a profile under pressure with subsequent welding elements. The thickness of the walls of forged products is much thicker than that of welding analogues, therefore such pipes are heavier and more expensive.

The application covers the entire segment of metal structures: from elegant, delicate decor elements to complex massive frames.

A hollow stainless steel pipe is often used as an open frame for various furniture. Qualitatively polished products perfectly fit into the interior of any style.

Also, stainless steel pipes are used for the production of stairs and handrails. Due to technical characteristics, the rectangular pipe is used not only indoors, but also outdoors.

Since the material is not exposed to external influences, it is often used for external frameworks. Products with the addition of doped chromium are not exposed to chemicals and concentrated acids.

All products are available in different sections and wall thickness. The length is completely dependent on the cross-section and is from six to twelve meters.

In the construction area, the pipes can be used as a metal bar. For advertising stands, children's playgrounds are used thin-walled products.

Thick-walled products can be used in water pipes, and heating systems.

Pipes of rectangular shape make it possible to create lightweight arches.

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