Manufacture of electric welding tube is carried out by forming strips and subsequent welding on a special welding machine. In the production process tubes undergo multi-level quality control: non-destructive testing of weld seam using the method of eddy currents, visual inspection and other tests. Welded tubes may vary in diameter, wall thickness, steel grades, sectional shape, kind of surface.
In the manufacture of electric-welded stainless steel tubes we use a method of hot pressing. Products made in this way stand out by the highest mechanical characteristics and exceptional anti-corrosion properties. The basic material they are made of is a high-quality stainless steel, so they are durable and reliable. In order to obtain the desired properties of seams the technology of welding of stainless steel tubes with argon is used. To conduct argon welding we use specific electrodes, treated with a protective alloying substance. Their inner rods are made of high alloying composition, which allows to achieve the formation of the weld, which does not differ in composition from the own structure of the product array.
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