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Production company "PC APEX" is a young production company which appeared in the tube market in 2015. However, in this case the youth is more an advantage than a disadvantage. The production base of "PC APEX" was created in accordance with the latest achievements in the segment of production of high quality electric-welded tubes , meeting the highest requirements of Russian (GOST 11068-81) and international standards (EN 10217-7, Din 17457, Din is 11850). We considered many years of experience of small and medium tube products productions in Russia, we conducted a detailed analysis of all competitors. All this allowed to create a strong foundation for the many years ahead. The company " PC APEX " has a number of certificates, which you can see in the section “Sertificates”. For more details you can read about us in the section "About us".
About us

During the work of our company, we have established a reputation of a reliable supplier, working with the maximum responsibility and meeting the obligations. Consistently high quality of products and professional approach to work allows us to establish mutually beneficial long-term cooperation with our partners.
The company "PC APEX" produces high-quality tube products, which are manufactured in strict accordance with Russian and international standards. Despite the fact that the general principle of tube production remained practically unchanged for many years, we are able to produce products with higher quality indicators.
It is possible due to a number of factors:
•    Own production - we are able to upgrade our equipment to the application needs of the industry.
•    A wide, constantly expanding assortment- we are able to set up production of high-quality products with a large range of diameters and of different steels and alloys.
•    Production of tubes according to customer requirements - depending on the further application of the products we can produce tubes with non-standard specifications (wall thickness, diameter, etc.).
•    Our company has its own warehouses
•    In our work, we use an individual approach to each client, our priority is to execute orders in time and with maximum quality.
The full details of our company you can find here.

Application by industry
News about company
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Office: Moscow region, Zhukovsky, st. Youth st. 21a
Production: Moscow region, Zhukovsky, River Passage
Phone: +7 (499) 322-28-08
Apex PC

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